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Euro cutie in POV fucked good and jizzed on Eurobabe Facials Amateur Black-haired

Duration: 10:31
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This is a sequel to Airgasms Between Orgasms and you will miss much if you havent read that

As he turfsurfs at high speed a mere few inches above the ground under his parachute he looks so graceful and confident that I suddenly see him as the master of the sky that he is He hits the ground running and slows to a stop right next to me


Dont try this at home Were what you call professionals

I laugh Yeah join him next weekend on Assbusters

Hey that was pretty swift

I honestly cant remember how long its been since I laughed as much as Ive laughed this weekend Im sorry to see it ending I ask Karl to drive on the way back to the city I guess the weekends are spent in Playland and I like the sound of that As I program my phone number into his phone and his number into mine Karl explains the jump credit that he and the other instructors work for at the school I shudder to think about the tax implications if they could ever even sort it out

I paid a lot of money for my jumps and the instructors earned jump credit by jumping with me so they could jump free on their formation jumps My cash went to pilots fuel planes rent gear etc Karl also gets jump credit for teaching the Accelerated Freefall class and editing the student videos Im sure the ski bums worked similar arrangements with the slopes but they never went back to Workland for five days between their two play days

I text a quick message to Toni

Lunch tomorrow Much to tell

Her response is quick Sure I cant wait

I ask Karl about his hockey helmet preferences and order one for him online

It should be delivered Thursday

You didnt need to do that Randi

Thats your brain in that bucket It controls your tongue


I drop him off at his apartment after running him past my apartment so he knows where to find me on Wednesday When I get back into my apartment I pet Bootsie and start writing todo lists for being prepared for next weekend I cant believe how good I feel after two days of good sex and two days of adrenaline rushes

At work the next morning Im wrecked I cant get a thing done but I let the word out that Ive got a new BF and that I went skydiving on the weekend The guys I work with want to talk about the skydiving The women want to hear about the new BF My boss is a woman so I get some tolerance for being distracted

I sit in the cafe and look around noticing people I handsome man comes up and asks if he can join me for lunch I notice the tan line on his ring finger A cheater Ordinarily I would be upset but I just laugh and say No thanks anyway My sister is joining me and your wife probably wouldnt like to hear about this so its better if I dont learn your name

He turns a strange shade of tan and walks away mumbling Lifes definitely different for me now that I have a fella

Details Randi Whats all this about being a skygoddess and how was your jump

Six jumps well five really I was only freight on the first one

What That must have cost a fortune

It was worth it Got a humble man out of the deal

What Karl

Yep I met him

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